Outdoor Living

Many homeowners across the local community are making the decision to install an outdoor kitchen in their yard. An outdoor kitchen bar area may be an extension of an outdoor living area, and it can provide you with a wonderful location to entertain houseguests and to relax with family and friends. Imagine taking your event outdoors to your gas firepit, outdoor kitchen all under our around your brand new pergola. If you have decided to install an outdoor kitchen on your property, your first task is to explore some of the design ideas available to you.

Outdoor kitchens are increasingly popular among homeowners, but there are many different designs, appliances and features that these kitchen spaces may have. At Cloister Cabinetry, you can explore a fabulous selection of kitchen appliances that are suitable for outdoor use. In addition, you can peruse our offerings of outdoor firepits (gas or otherwise), fire tables, and also take a look at the wide array of poly and patio furniture.

Allow Cloister Cabinetry help you to bring all of the creature comforts of the indoors to your outdoor kitchen and bar area, and we offer the incredible selection of appliances to help you do just that.



Outside Kitchen Bar

Cloister Cabinetry is the only outdoor kitchen company in Lancaster County that provides you with an amazing selection of outdoor kitchen bar counter tops and features. You want your outdoor kitchen area to look amazing, but you also want it to be functional for your entertaining needs and for everyday use. This is a space that you may use regularly, but you also want to choose the best features to add aesthetic value to your home.

With the many outdoor appliances as well as outside kitchen bar counters and other features available through Cloister Cabinetry, you can easily design the ideal space for your home.

Cloister Cabinetry Outdoor Services

With over 25 years of experience service in the Lancaster area, Cloister Cabinetry is the outdoor kitchen company to use for all of your designs. You can explore the products available to get a few design ideas, take a look at our catalog of outdoor patio and poly furniture, and you can count on Cloister Cabinetry to provide you with professional installation too.