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Garage Remodel Lancaster

Even if you are one of the fortunate few who have managed to keep your clutter to a level that permits you to park your cars in the garage, you could probably benefit from some additional organization. We’re talking about all that stuff that gets banished to the garage because no one wants it in the house and the basement is already bursting with similar items.

Lawn and garden tools, power tools, seasonal items and chemicals are just a few of the things that will last longer and be easier to find if they are systematically and logically organized via a custom garage.



Custom Garage Lancaster

Think how much simpler and stress free your life would be if you didn’t spend a significant percentage of the time a project requires just looking for the things you need in order to complete that project.

Cloister Cabinetry can devise a custom garage organization plan that takes your wants and preferences into account. Your garage doesn’t have to be a black hole that is impossible to navigate without bumping into stuff every way you turn. We can turn your garage into the perfect place for storing parts for that car restoration project or help to organize your woodworking tools for the ultimate efficiency. Let us show you how you can relax and enjoy your projects rather than dread the time-wasting process of hunting for stuff that you hid from yourself.

Cloister Cabinetry Garage Services

Don’t trust your garage remodel to anyone less than certified experts.

Cloister Cabinetry has been helping people get organized for 20 years. We have worked all over Lancaster County and the surrounding areas helping people to take control of every aspect of home organization. When you contact us for a free estimate, you won’t get some cookie-cutter solution that tries for a one-size-fits-all approach. You get a custom garage remodel design that takes your particular needs and wants into account, without ignoring budget considerations.